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Interesting and funny facts about electricity

19 June 2015

The electrical energy is an energy that comes from electrical potential energy. It is generated by movement of negative and positive particles or electricity. Once the electrical energy leaves its source, it’s transformed into a different type of energy. It plays a very important role in everyday life; therefore, it is a basic for modern life. Beyond lighting of rooms and powering devices, electricity is pretty interesting.

Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin on discovery of electricity

Although it is commonly known that it is Thomas who invented electricity, Franklin discovered that the lighting and electricity is very close to almost being the same, but he did not invent energy, as energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed from one form to another. Thomas was responsible for the first light bulb to stay lit for more than a few seconds, along inventing more than 200 new products like fuses, meters, switches and sockets that help in invention of direct current.

Different between direct current and alternating current

There difference is the way electrons flow. DC electrons move in a single direction while AC electrons constantly switch direction.

Electricity speed

The speed of electricity is considered faster compared to any other thing in the world at 300000KM per second. If you have a light switch in your house connected to a bulb on the moon, you can go around the world 8 times, in the time it takes you to light the bulb by just turning the switch on.

Watts released during a hurricane

Around 50 to 200 trillion watts of heat energy are released. This is same energy as a 10 megaton nuclear bomb exploding every 20 minutes.

Electricity sources

Electricity can be produced from water, wind, light and animal manure.

Relation of bird and electricity

Bird does not get electrocuted on a power line; this is because both feet are on one power line. As soon as part of its wing or leg touches another power line, a circuit is completed flowing through its body causing electrocution.

Electricity and fireflies

Fireflies generate light using chemical energy from their food. This light is even more efficient than that of one light bulb.


Measure of spark 

A simple spark of electricity measure up to 300 volts.

Energy and the sun

It is known that the amount of sunlight that reaches the earth every minute can satisfy the entire worlds’ energy demands for a whole year.

Electric heels

The heels can produce strong electric shocks of around 500 volts for both self defense and hunting.

The biggest source of energy

Coal is the world’s biggest source of energy for generating electricity. It is burnt in furnaces that boil water, the steam from the boiling water then turns the turbines that are connected to the generators hence producing electricity.

Relation of heart and electricity

Electricity causes muscle cells in the heart to contract. The electrocardiogram machines used by medical experts’ measure electricity going through the heart. As the heart beats in a healthy person the ECG machine displays a line moving across the screen with regular spikes.

Earth and electricity

It always tries to find the easiest and shortest path to the earth.

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