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Facts You Should Know About William Gilbert

16 July 2015

William Gilbert is another name that is written in golden letters in the book of great scientists who have made contributions that were powerful enough to change the world. This English scientist was born in Colchester on 24th May. He has a great passion towards doing something in his life that could benefit the whole humanity. He is a popular researcher in the niche of magnetism. He was a popular scientist during the era of the Queen Elizabeth I. His popularity was mainly due to the publication of his known as De Mgnete. He is one among the originators who founded the term named electricity. He is also popular called as the father of electricity, electrical engineering and also magnetism. His studies have contributed extensively in these fields and also made these fields comeup with things that could make life much better. He was also a great traveler and even wrote much kind of publications.

Gilbert was also an astronomer along with being a scientist. He has great passion in knowing the universe and used telescope in studying the surface of moon. His studies came to the conclusion that the craters that you find on moon are land and white patches depict water bodies. He is the one who made the huge contribution that the movement of sky is a consequence of the rotation of the earth. He was really a man who has touched various areas of science and have made great contributions. 

He was the son of Mrs and Mr Jerome Gilberd. There are only few evidences left that talks about the early life of this man. It is believed that he did his education in St John’s college tat is located at Cambridge. It is during this time that he got passion towards exploring the various aspects of science. After his high school, he gained MD from University of Cambridge. He then later on left to London for practicing medicine. 

This renowned man who is called as father of electricity started his career in London as physician during the year 1573. Later in the year 1600 he published his master works that include De Magnete, Magno Magnete and Magnestisque Corporbus. He focused mainly towards the field of electrical attractions and also magnetic bodies. Many of the works that he did were based on the inspiration that he got from Rober Norman. 

One among the major results he got out of his experiments include the presence of magnetism in earth’s core and which is the reason for compass in pointing towards north. He did this by refusing the theories of predecessors who stated the existence of northern island that is magnetic. Gilbert also found out that the center of earth comprises of pure iron and also there are two hemispheres for earth which are northern and southern hemispheres. Gilbert was the one who concluded the fact that starts where located at variable distances remotely and not at fixed spots. He also invented electroscope that is the first instrument for measuring electricity.

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