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Top Electrical Tools to Have in Your Toolbox

11 August 2015

Every household, office, vehicle, institutions, workshops, and warehouse should have a toolbox. Whether it is for carpentry or plumbing, it is essential just like a first aid kit in emergencies. Electrician tools are used often however many people do not know there names. This document explains some of the tools and their uses. 

Meaning of toolbox
A toolbox as the name suggests is a box that houses tools. They could vary in sizes, others are portable others are too heavy to be moved around. Tools are the mechanical objects designed for specific purposes or craftsmen eg. A claw hammer, knife, screw drivers, nails etc.

Classification of Toolbox
• Material - wood, metal or plastic
• Size - small ones are described as portable
• Type
• User-craftsmen eg. plumber, mechanic, electrician tools 

Electrician tools
Electrical work cannot be executed without the right tools. Over the years the basic electrician tools have been modified resulting in new specialized tools. The list of tool choices for electricians becomes even longer. They range from small to large, metal to plastic, but the list of the tools that are a must to have include:

Hand held tools: These are the tools that are the electrician uses while holding. In this category there exists quite a number of tool, namely:
• Pliers -  Side-cutting pliers, linesman Pliers, and long-nose or needle-nose pliers.

• Screwdrivers and nut drivers - several screwdrivers and nut drivers exist to work with various types of fasteners and applications. There is the flat and star among others.

• Wire strippers - Reflex wire stripper and the T-Stripper.

• Fishing tools - Zoom tape - they facilitate wire installation tools for wire pulling in drop ceilings, down walls or under raised floors.

• Measuring devices - available in different lengths, from 16 to 30 foot or more.

• Labelling machines - they include, wire and cable markers, panel, rack and frame ID

Power tools:
• Power drills and drivers, hammer/drills - vary according to the material being drilled i.e. for fastening work, a lower-voltage cordless model might be used; for drilling into concrete, a hammer/drill provides more impact and can drill more holes faster.

• Power saws-varies with the job at hand. They include: handheld reciprocating, hole saws, cut-off saws and portable band saws.

Other tools include:
• Wire Crimpers
• Razor Knife
• Allen Wrench Set (Hex Set)
• Flashlight
• Torpedo Level
• Non-contact Voltage Detector
• Voltmeter

Advantages of having an electrician toolbox
• Make the job of the electrician jobs more efficient and easy
• Electricians need an arsenal of hand and power tools hence toolboxes store all the tools they require in one place. 
• It organizes tools
• Easy to retrieve any tool when needed.
• Wide range of selection
• Portable 

To conclude, like any other project that can be tackled, electrical works will require a few tools to accomplish the task. Toolboxes are a simpler way of keeping tools, even keeping track of them in case there is an emergency making it possible to act fast without wasting more time trying to look for a single tool that may be lost or somewhere under the bed, bus, or anywhere. Toolboxes come in a variety of packages, those with many compartments, plastic, metal among others, wholesalers even package them with descriptions so that its easy to use the electrician tools appropriately.

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