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Distribution Transformers - UK Transformers | OTDS LTD

Distribution Transformers - UK Transformers | OTDS LTD

OTDS manufactures a large range of oil filled (ONAN/ONAF) power transformers, cast resin and dry type transformers which can be used in a wide range of configurations. We also supply distribution transformers, including step up and step down units, to the global market. 

Our current range extends from 15kva single phase pole mounting distribution transformers and package substations, all the way up to large electric power transformers rated at several MVA. Oil type, cast resin & dry type transformers, hermetically sealed or conservator designed, are all within our standard manufacturing range.

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Distribution Transformers | Power Transformers | Step Down Transformers | Step Up Transformers

Power transformers are devices that permit electrical power to switch between circuits. Electric transformers can be used in various ways in order to increase or lower voltage levels depending on the supply circuit. The power transformers from OTDS are versatile enough to suit a wide variety of applications, from large-scale infrastructural projects to use on public and commercial buildings. We’ve ensured that each and every power transformer that leaves our plant has been manufactured and tested to IEC60076-11 standard to ensure maximum performance and the longest service life possible. It’s this commitment to quality that’s ensured OTDS is regarded as one of the world’s leading suppliers of power transformers, electric transformers and distribution transformers, including step up and step down transformers. Supplying oil type, cast resin and dry type transformers for over fifteen years, OTDS has cemented a reputation in the international arena as a company that’s truly dedicated to meeting the needs of suppliers from a wide range of industries.

Electric Transformers

Electric transformers are undoubtedly a crucial component of the UK’s national grid network. Without the electrical transformer, we would struggle to efficiently distribute power to the millions of homes in Britain that rely on energy to warm their homes, heat their water and power essential appliances.

Distribution Transformers

Different consumers and appliances require different voltage levels to function safely and efficiently, so distribution transformers are typically used at the very beginning and the very end of the power supply chain to step up or step down the voltage as required. Though many of our distribution transformers and electrical transformers are suitable for indoor use, selected products are developed for operation outdoors and will withstand even the harshest of conditions, making them ideal for use in the oil industry or power supply sector.

Step Up Transformers

Step up transformers make it possible for power companies to transmit electricity across large distances. A step up transformer is used to elevate voltage and lower the current of the electricity so that less energy is lost as heat during transmission.

Step Down Transformers

To reverse this process, a typical step down transformer will ensure that the energy supplied via the distribution network is suitable for use in a home environment with standard, low-voltage products and appliances. In essence, the step down transformers from OTDS ensure a safe and reliable power supply between the transmission network and the end consumer.


  • We offer a large choice of ratings, types and styles
  • Quick specification, tendering, manufacture and installation: An easy solution!
  • Our most popular ratings of transformers are held in stock, ensuring a fast delivery time
  • Directly mounted MV switchgear and LV equipment to save costs


  • Indoor or outdoor applications in oil type or cast resin types
  • Oil industry, commercial and residential applications for worldwide use
  • Dry and cast resin types for small industries, including textile, automotive, pharmaceutics and food sectors.