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Porcelain Disc Insulators | Porcelain Suspension Insulator

Porcelain Disc Insulators | Porcelain Suspension Insulator

Disc insulators also known as suspension insulators are the most widely used models for transmission and distribution lines. 

The flexible but positive ball and socket connection provides a quick and easy coupling of insulators and are provided with R Clips or W Clips to prevent uncoupling of an insulator string. Our ball and socket arrangements confirm to IEC, ANSI, BS and other international standards.

OTDS disc insulators have a fine resiliant bitumen coating on the inside cap and the surface of the ball pin with cement to absorb stresses from thermal expansion.

To enquire about our range of porcelain disc insulators please email enquiries@otds.co.uk     



  • Smooth rounded contours of the shell provide protection against chipping
  • Caps are made of malleable cast iron and pins of porged steel. These are galvanised to provide better protection against corrosion.
  • The glaze applied is compressive in nature and formulated to provide a smooth surface for self cleaning.


  • In strings they can be used for any voltage depending on the number of units mounted in a series.
  • High and Medium voltgae lines up to system voltages of 132kV. 
  • Polluted envioronments.

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