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Steel Distribution Poles

Steel Distribution Poles


OTDS manufactures a wide range of steel monopoles in various designs. Tapered, polygonal, octagonal & stepped poles are all available in different heights as per the network requirements and up to voltages of 230kV.

Our in-house engineers design these monopoles and can design a complete pole package, including all hardware such as switchgear, transformer platforms & insulators for on-site assembly.

Due to the material used, these poles are able to withstand exceptional conditions. These monopoles are excellent for setting up overhead transmission lines in towns and areas where space is restricted.

To see our range of offered poles, please see the download and gallery sections for further information.

To enquire about our range of steel poles please email enquiries@otds.co.uk     


Steel Telegraph Poles

There are plenty of reasons to invest in steel telegraph poles as opposed to traditional wooden alternatives. Aside from the fact they are not prone to decay or infestation, they are lightweight (often up to 30% lighter than wooden poles) and offer unmatched dimensional consistency, which means they will not expand or contract with changes in temperature or moisture levels. They are also easy to dispose of once they reach the end of their impressive service life and are fully recyclable, which is why they are regarded as the most sustainable option for eco-conscious suppliers.

Our distributionl poles are available in a range of sizes and strengths depending on your requirements. All of our products are also treated with anti-corrosion coatings, ensuring excellent above-ground protection and durability in even the toughest of climates.

As mentioned, OTDS specialises in providing solutions for bespoke projects. Our own highly experienced engineers are able to develop steel distribution poles for almost any application and provide all accompanying hardware and accessories to ensure on-site installation is fast and easy. Regardless of the size of your installation, you can talk to one of our consultants for quotes and honest recommendations.


  • Excellent against wind loads due to the curveature of tubular poles
  • Exceptional uniform strength
  • Will not break under load
  • Less corrosion due to nature of pole surface
  • Smaller holes for planting


  • Excellent in built up areas
  • HV & LV applications
  • Ability to out perform woiod in extreme conditions
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Minimal maintenance

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