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Wooden Poles | Wooden Telegraph Poles

Wooden Poles | Wooden Telegraph Poles

Within our industry wooden telegraph poles are a vital means of electrical distribution and have been for over a century. OTDS have been supplying wooden distribution poles for over 20 years.We offer quality workmanship, with support you would expect from a UK company.

Thirty years of experience in timber treatment combined with unwavering commitment to high standards in the industry, are an assurance to OTDS customers. 

Our wooden telegraph poles will provide lifetime service, whether they are treated with creosote, tanalith E or wolmanit. The amount of preservative chemical that is impregnated into the timber is determined by the required specification and hazard class. This is always in accordance to the clients own specific requirement or specification.

OTDS is a experienced supplier of wooden poles to the utility industry and has a total commitment to quality, this is manifested in its ISO 9001:2000 certification.

To enquire about our range of wooden distribution poles please email enquiries@otds.co.uk


  • UK Manufactured
  • Stock Available
  • BS 1990-1.1984
  • BS 144.1997


  • Overhead power lines
  • Telecome Lines
  • Lighting Structures