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Containerised Substation | Prefabricated Substations

Containerised Substation | Prefabricated Substations

OTDS manufacture containerised prefabricated substations complete with MV & LV equipment in various configurations.

These can contain distribution transformers in oil or cast resin types HV & LV switchgear using containers or our specific prefabricated substation enclosures, please see our gallery for example photos. These containers can come in either 20 or 40 foot options.


Typical items that we can install in containerised substations are:

Oil type ONAN distribution transformers

Cast Resin tranformers

SF6 MV breakers and switchgear.

LV distribution boards

Fire detection and automatic extinguishing systems

Air Conditioning

Battery back up

Auxiliary transformers

Wide range of cable entries and access

Emergency Lighting


OTDS prefabriacted substations have been supplied all over Europe, Africa and the Middle east, so we have excellent knowledge of local markets and international requirements and specifications.

To enquire about our Containerised Substations please email your requiements to enquiries@otds.co.uk