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Oil Filled Transformers | Power Transformers

Oil Filled Transformers | Power Transformers

Since 1998 OTDS has manufactured its own distribution and power transformers. Our plant has a capacity of 1200pcs per year and employs over 60 people.

Our transformers are used worldwide in some of the harshest environments and we are very experienced in designing and complying with various national standards for each of our international markets.

We offer standerdised transformers used by UK, European and Middle Eastern clients which enables us to provide competitive pricing along with excellent lead times.

Whether our client requires directly mounted HV/LV switchgear, MCCBs or special terminal arrangements, we are able to provide a competitive, tailored designed transformer.

See our gallery for various designs we have built for our customers.

We also manufacture a wide range of cast resin and distribution transformers.

Please send us your requirements enquiries@otds.co.uk


  • Qucik deliveries, usually 30 days for standard transformers
  • Flexibility of design to be tailored to your specific requirements
  • Directly mounted MV and LV equipment


  • Indoor (Midel filed) or Outdoor applications
  • Ratings between 15kVA - 25MVA
  • Voltages up to 138kV
  • Substation or Distribution applications